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Road Cycling

There are lots of groups of road cyclist you can join. Ask at your local bike shop if there are any in your area. Do some ground work to find a compatible group, ask about the distance covered, average speed and experience required. If you have not ridden in a bunch before let the group know. Everyone has to start some where and if you make it known to the group they will generally take the time to show you the ropes and teach you how to ride safely in a bunch. Don’t forget your coffee money. If you can’t find a group – start your own!

On Saturdays Helena and I ride with the Point Peddlars out of Rode Bike Shop at Point Chavalier at 7am. We generally cover 50-60km at an average of 22-24 km/hr. You can find us on Facebook if you are interested.

Once you are competent at riding in a bunch there a bunch there are lots of fun events you can do. Events are great for giving you a target and motivation to get some miles under your belt. I’ve done lots of single day rides like

I’ve also dabbled in a couple of multi day rides and loved them.
Tour of New Zealand - Five Passes

Mountain Biking

I’ve been mountain biking for a longtime and a goodtime. A great place to start is Woodhill Mountain Bike Park They have bikes to hire and a full shop if you need spares. I’ve been night-riding here with a bunch of friends for a number of years. The Park is open late on Wednesday nights until 10pm. Night riding is not everyones cup of tea but once you get used to it there is plenty of fun to be had.

I’ve done a few Mountain bike races like the Colville Connection and the Dual on Rangitoto however I prefer adventure rides like:

The Motu
The Bridge to Nowhere
The Heaphy Track -
The Timber Trail -

Some of these take a reasonable amounts of fitness and you need to plan and prepare for them thoroughly. They can be hard work but the rewards are great. The New Zealand Cycle Trails are the best thing to happen to mountain biking ever! There are trails and adventures for all to enjoy.


We have skied for a number of years and when our children were younger we joined Graduates Ski Club to give us affordable family skiing. It has been a great club to be part of and we have met many wonderful like minded people through Graduates. Ruapehu can be a challenging mountain to ski at times so be prepared!

Other Stuff

We enjoy getting out and about and we have enjoyed many family adventures together. Here are some of our favourites:

For those lucky enough to live in Auckland you have a magnificent resource on your doorstep in the form of the Waitakere Ranges. I’m constantly amazed at people who tell me the would like to go walking in the Waitakere Ranges but have not actually been. Also Auckland Council have a number of batches and holiday homes you can book. They are popular so you need to book ahead.