Building Warrant of Fitness Consultants


Compliance Consultants provide the following services to assist Building Owners in complying with the Building Act of 2004.

To set up the Building Warrant of Fitness

Railway.jpgWe can complete the Compliance Schedule application, advise on the service contracts and inspection requirements to meet the requirements of the Compliance Schedule.  Prepare inspection logbooks to record inspections and file all documentation.  To determine if your building requires a Compliance Schedule / Building Warrant of Fitness click here

To complete the "Owners" monthly inspections

We can complete the "Owners" inspections required by the Compliance Schedule, generally these include the likes of the Fire Escapes, signage etc

To renew the Building Warrant of Fitness

We advise you of the upcoming renewal Request all Service agents to provide their certification (Form 12a) Complete an inspection of the building as required.  Advise the Building Owner of defects to be addressed before the Building Warrant of Fitness can be issued.  Prepare the Building Warrant of Fitness and forward it to the Territorial Authority and the Owner.

Provide ongoing support to the Building Owner during the year

Advice on service contracts and contractors Summaries of BWOF status for a portfolio Provide support and assistance for Territorial Authority Audits of the BWOF.