Compliance Consultants is a service provider dedicated to the provision of independent, testing, inspection and certification services nationwide. Our trained inspectors undertake a wide range of inspection and testing services to ensure your Building Warrant of Fitness requirements are met and the people using your buildings are safe.

We remain independent from maintenance and installation providers and simply focus on your building’s safety and compliance.

Building Warrant of Fitness

  • Building Warrant of Fitness issuance
  • Monthly (Owners) Inspections
  • Annual IQP Inspections
  • Systems Testing and Surveys
  • Compliance and 12A administration
  • Sub-contractor management

Fire Design

  • Acceptable solutions
  • Fire Engineering Reports
  • Technical specific design
  • Construction monitoring
  • Regulatory peer review
  • NZ Building Act GAP analysis
  • Liaison with Territorial Authorities

Consultancy Services

Our team of professionals come from a wide range of backgrounds and have gained unique professional skills.   Commercial building ownership can be challenging at times especially when navigating the complexities of the building act, compliance schedules and changes to legislative requirements.  Compliance Consultants are here to assist you.  Once you provide us with an "Authority To Act" we work for you to help you navigate these complex issues.  To follow is a list of some of the professional services we can assist you with:

  • Commercial Building Consents
  • Form 11 Compliance Amendments
  • Building Act advice and support
  • Specified System Audits
  • Specified Systems Reports
  • Building Safety Advice
  • Advocacy with Regulatory Authorities

Project Management

  • Sub contractor management
  • Remedial works management
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Site management
  • Solution reviews and proposing alternative solutions
  • As-built reviews


Asset Management

Our Inspectors are present on customer sites every month.  

While our core business is to inspect and report on the performance of the Specified Systems within each commercial building many of our customers are now leveraging these regular inspections and asking us to inspect and report on other important assets such as:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Generators
  • Fire Curtains and Doors
  • Suppression Systems
  • Racking Systems

We can also provide:

  • Asset defects reporting
  • Test readings
  • Site audits
  • Registration of new assets
  • Provide asset test history



Trial Evacuations

Did You Know?

If your building has Fire Evacuation Schemes in place, the building must be maintained in accordance with Fire and Emergency New Zealand (Fire Safety, Evacuation Procedures, and Evacuation Schemes) Regulations 2018.

This means that trial evacuations (or 6 monthly training programs) are required to be carried out at least every six months unless otherwise approved by Fire and Emergency New Zealand. 

Compliance Consultants provide scheduled Trial Evacuations so that you can be have peace of mind in the knowledge that an independent company has professionally managed all your Trial Evacuation needs, on time, every time.

We will work with building occupants to ensure that Wardens are trained and appointed throughout the property. After each trial evacuation our consultant will complete a review meeting to provide important feedback on the success of the trial evacuation.  Information regarding the trial evacuation is then uploaded onto our management software and this information is available to you at all times.