Technology and Transparency

We believe in transparency, and we have developed technology that proves when and where we have been on your commercial property.  Our technology provides a date stamp and GPS proof that we have inspected your site. This is an improvement from site-based folders that many other companies use today.  This proof of service is a step forward and helps give you peace of mind and a helping hand when audits are conducted by regulatory authorities.  


Your Trusted Partner

Compliance Consultants are your Trusted, Independent BWOF Consultant Specialists.

We are trusted by our clients because we are independent, and we manage your BWOF needs for you.  We cut through fire industry jargon and work hard to ensure that you, the building owner and Property Manager receive professional support and are not subjected to unnecessary and expensive fire equipment upgrades.  Our primary goal is to keep building occupants safe.  We will save you time and money as well. We believe that this is a job suited to a partner who will work with you and provide practical solutions for your compliance needs.

Commitment and Reliability

We are committed to helping our customers for the long term.  This commitment is backed up by our mantra that our customers own the data we collect.  We believe that if you have paid for a service, then you should have ready access to the records for your commercial property. It’s that simple.

Each property we manage has a unique electronic file that is accessible by you, our valued customer.  You have access to records covering each inspection, each Form 12a and everything that we have completed as part of the BWOF process for your property.  We store this information for you at no charge and remain available to you whenever you need us.

Regional Specialists

We specialise in providing building inspections and BWOF services across the North Island, with offices in Auckland and Wellington.  We partner with South Island companies who are aligned with our values so that we can provided services Nationwide. 

Our regional presence ensures that we are close to our core regional customers.   We respond quickly to client requests, and we are available to consult on specific site-based requirements in these regions.   We have a sound knowledge of Regional Authority requirements with staff who have forged strong relationships over many years

Portal Access

Our customers have access to their own BWOF Portal.  For urgent updates on your BWOF, simply access via the link we provide and the status of your BWOF will be at your fingertips.  So it is an easy access for the customer – meaning they don’t have to make phone calls or send emails for an update.

Our Difference

How often have you reached BWOF time and experienced a quote for significant repairs and upgrades being sent your way? The message reads “you have defects to repair before we can issue a BWOF”.  You notice that you need to spend thousands of dollars and you are forced to spend the money.

We have no interest in completing costly repairs on your site, this is because we only employ BWOF Consultants and Inspectors.  We do not employ tradesmen or maintenance staff.   That’s why we are truly independent and help you keep your costs down.