About Us

Compliance Consultants Ltd is an Optima Investments Group Company, a privately held New Zealand investment company. (www.optimainvestments.co.nz) Established in 1954, Optima has a focus on the growth and development of a portfolio of companies across a number of markets.

Compliance Consultants has established a reputation as one of New
Zealand's leading authorities in BWOF systems. In 2018, Optima Investment
Group acquired Compliance Consultants, a company operating in the
compliance sector since 1993.

Compliance Consultants are dedicated to inspection, maintenance and
reporting to ensure your BWoF needs are met while ultimately making sure
the people using your facility remain safe.

We employ highly trained inspectors to undertake the inspection and testing
services at your site. Our inspectors will provide informed, transparent
communication to you, both in person and through the use of the latest

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