Building Compliance In NZ: Top Considerations For Maintaining A Safe And Functional Property

In the realm of property ownership in New Zealand, ensuring your building meets the necessary compliance standards is paramount. As a building owner, navigating the complexities of NZ compliance can be a daunting task, especially if you're new to building ownership. If you neglect New Zealand’s building compliance regulations, then you could face legal trouble, and your building may not be as safe as you want it to be.

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Continue reading to learn about the essential considerations for maintaining a safe and functional property while meeting the building compliance regulations.

Understanding Building Compliance Inspection Services

Perhaps the best way to ensure your building is fully up to code is to work with an IQP, or independent qualified person, to conduct a building inspection on your structure. They can help you identify any issues with your property and guide you towards the best solutions for whatever problems they find.

For example, at Compliance Consultants, we specialise in a comprehensive array of inspection and testing services designed to facilitate compliance with Building Warrant of Fitness standards. We can help you ensure your building is fully up to code while helping you with the steps for renewing your Building Warrant of Fitness, or BWOF.

A BWOF is a document that proves your building has been properly maintained over the past year, and as a building owner, you’re required to renew yours annually and display it in your building to comply with NZ compliance regulations. An important part of staying compliant, and for your BWOF, is ensuring your building’s specified systems are in good condition and have been maintained as they should be. Specified systems are critical elements of a building’s infrastructure that, if they fail, have the potential to harm people in your building or your building itself.

These can include fire suppression systems, warning systems, automated doors, lifts, emergency lighting and various other systems throughout your building. All buildings with specified systems need a compliance schedule, which will list out all of your specified systems and their required maintenance. By following your compliance schedule, you can make sure all of your specified systems are maintained well, thus ensuring your building is safe.

A building inspector, like the ones on our team at Compliance Consultants, can inspect your building and its systems to check if they’ve been well-maintained. We can also check for issues with NZ compliance that you might not notice yourself.

With our help, you can ensure your building meets all the set standards and is safe to work or live in. A few of the services we offer regarding proper building compliance include:

Building Warrant Of Fitness:

  • Issuance of Building Warrant of Fitness
  • Monthly (Owners) Inspections
  • Annual IQP Inspections
  • Systems Testing and Surveys
  • Compliance and 12A administration

Fire Design Services:

  • Acceptable solutions
  • Fire Engineering Reports
  • Technical specific design
  • Regulatory peer review
  • NZ Building Act GAP analysis
  • Liaison with Territorial Authorities

Consultancy Services:

  • Commercial Building Consents
  • Form 11 Compliance Amendments
  • Building Inspections
  • Specified System Audits
  • Specified Systems Reports

The Importance Of NZ Building Compliance

Building compliance is the key aspect of the Building Warrant of Fitness, so neglecting to keep up with building compliance can result in you being unable to renew your BWOF. If you fail to publicly display a valid BWOF in your building, or if you display a falsified or expired one, you could face legal repercussions such as penalties and fines. So, staying up to date with NZ’s compliance regulations can keep you out of legal trouble.

Additionally, compliance with New Zealand’s building regulations is not just a standard legal requirement; it's an investment in the safety, productivity and peace of mind of everyone within your building. When you follow the building code and keep your systems maintained, your facility will be safer to use and you’ll help prevent accidents from happening that could hurt anyone in your structure.

Overall, ensuring your building is fully compliant with New Zealand’s building code is beneficial for you, your building and everyone who lives, works or visits it. It’ll ensure you’re following the law as you should, and it’ll help everyone in your building stay safe.

Keeping Your Building Safe And Up To Code With Our Professional Help

In the intricate landscape of building compliance, we at Compliance Consultants are proud to stand out as reliable help, offering a range of services to ensure your building meets the highest safety standards. From routine inspections to complex fire design solutions, our professional NZ compliance services cater to the unique needs of different buildings. As a building owner, staying aware of these considerations is crucial for maintaining a safe, functional and compliant property in New Zealand.

To ensure your building is as safe as it can be, we encourage you to contact our team by calling us on 0800 325 435 or by using our convenient contact page. We’re here to discuss your needs and see what we can do for you.

Keep your building, and everyone in it, safe with Compliance Consultants.