Building Compliance Inspection Services: Ensuring Safety and Quality in Construction

Buildings require much work to remain safe for everyone who lives, works or visits them. If systems within the building are neglected, accidents could happen, and serious damage could be done to property or people. So, building compliance inspection services are essential if you want your structure to be as safe as it can be.

Some people may not notice building or specified systems issues until something bad happens. But, once an accident occurs, irreversible damage could happen, so it’s always best to have your building and its systems routinely inspected and maintained.

These smart actions can prevent accidents and disasters from ever happening.

building compliance inspection services

What Happens During A Building Inspection?

Of course, a building inspection is where an independent qualified person (IQP) visits your building and inspects it for issues. They can identify problems that need to be fixed, conduct any testing that needs to be done and give you a report regarding everything they found.

At Compliance Consultants, we don’t just stop at inspecting your building and giving you a comprehensive report; our building compliance inspection services also involve giving you as much advice as possible. Our professional team can review your report with you to discuss possible solutions to any issues you have. We can use our experience and local knowledge to recommend the best maintenance providers for your situation.

Compliance and safety are very important to us, and we strive to help New Zealand buildings be as safe as possible for the people in and around them.

Why Should I Have A Building Inspection Conducted In My New Zealand Building?

Having your building inspected is a very smart choice for you, everyone in your facility and your building itself. However, you may wonder if there are particular reasons why you should do this. Is it worth the effort?

It absolutely is, for various reasons. Three of the most important that all NZ building owners should know are:

Safety. As the building owner or manager, it’s your responsibility to provide your building’s guests, staff and residents with a safe place to work and live. Neglecting to inspect or maintain your building can result in an unsafe space.

Building compliance inspection services are designed to identify and address any issues within your structure. Finding and fixing all problems means your building will be more secure.

Along with building compliance, we also recommend looking into fire compliance. Having your building inspected for fire design and taking precautions regarding potential fire outbreaks will significantly reduce the chances of fires happening in your structure.

Always remember that fires start quietly, spread quickly and have the potential to ruin lives. These precautions can prevent disasters.

Expenses. Neglecting your building’s specified systems to the point where they break down or malfunction isn’t just recklessly dangerous; it can also lead to high maintenance costs. It’s always better to fix a problem when it’s small than to struggle with it after it’s gotten much worse.

Legal Matters. Safety concerns should be enough to convince any well-meaning building owner to get their building routinely inspected. Still, legal issues are also a prominent reason why building compliance inspection services are so crucial.

Particularly, if your building requires a building warrant of fitness (BWoF), you’re required to have your building inspected for it at least once a year. Buildings with specified systems, such as sprinkler systems, automatic doors or cable cars that require maintenance according to a compliance schedule, are required to have a BWoF.

BWoFs are legal documents that confirm your building has been inspected and maintained correctly over the last twelve months. An IQP can check your building’s specified system and, if your structure is up to code, provide you with the right documents you need for an updated BWoF.

Please remember that your BWoF will take some time to process and be approved, so if your current document is nearing its expiration date, it would be smart to start the application process so that you receive your new BWoF before your old one expires. Displaying an expired or falsified document can result in penalties and fines.

Additionally, don’t forget that your BWoF needs to be prominently displayed in an area where everyone can see it. For example, it can be displayed in your building’s lobby, reception area or entrance foyer.

Whom To Talk To About Building Compliance Inspection Services In New Zealand

You now know even more about building compliance services and why they’re important, but if you would like to know even more, we welcome you to speak to us at Compliance Consultants. We’d be happy to discuss your circumstances and what we can do for you.

We can inspect your building thoroughly and efficiently to identify any issues or potential issues; then, we’ll offer you our professional advice regarding what we think you should do. We’d also be glad to answer any questions regarding fire compliance, BWoFs or other aspects of building compliance.

Would you like to talk to our Compliance Consultants team about your building? Call us today at 0800 325 435; we’re eager to help.

Compliance Consultants is here to help keep New Zealand safe.