Facts & Myths About Fire Safety Compliance

As we all know, fire compliance and safety are critical concerns in any modern building. Most fires are unexpected and spread quickly, which makes them incredibly dangerous. A great way to keep people safe is to prepare your residents, staff and building in case a fire does break out. 

You've most likely heard some things about fire safety before, even if you haven't sought out the information on your own. Unfortunately, some of the facts that you've heard may be commonly-believed myths. 

This article will cover a few facts - and a few myths - that everyone should know about. 

Common Fire Compliance And Safety Beliefs - True Or False?

Dealing with a fire is quite literally a life or death situation. Your actions could protect the lives of you and the people around you, so it's absolutely crucial that you know how to act if disaster strikes. Hopefully, you'll never have to deal with a building fire; however it's always better to be safe than sorry. 

Here are some common facts and well-believed myths that you should know:

Fact: You Should Always Display Escape Routes In Your Building. Every building owner needs to map out the best way to escape a building in case of fire, and they should openly display it in areas where it is easy to see. Anyone who's in the building, whether they're staff or residents or simply visiting, should have easy access to this information. 

Furthermore, residents and staff should do their best to memorise the escape plan so they can act quickly if something goes wrong. 

Myth: Sprinklers Will Destroy Your Building. Sprinklers and other systems that deal with fires are an important part of fire compliance. However, some people don't think that sprinklers are safe - won't all that water ruin your building?

In reality, sprinklers will not totally ruin your building. Small fires can often be stopped by four - or fewer - sprinklers. Even if your stuff does get wet, it's better that they get a little wet than they get burned to ashes. 

Fact: You Should Keep Your Exit Routes Clear. Always keep your escape routes free of anything that could hinder people from getting out. This includes furniture, fixtures and random clutter. While it might be annoying to move these things around, keeping your exits clear can save lives. 

Myth: You Only Need A Fire Report Once A Year. Fire reports help you stick to fire compliance regulations and stay safe. But did you know that there are several instances where you are required to have a new fire report done? 

You should have a new fire report conducted if your building changes. If your structure gets altered, if its use is changed, in the event of a new build, or undergoes anything else that drastically changes your building, you should have it inspected again. 

Regular inspections, sticking to your compliance schedule and keeping your building warrant of fitness up to date can all help you stay safe.

Fact: Prevention Is Key. The best way to deal with an accident is to prevent it in the first place. While small fire compliance steps may seem minor or even tedious, these small actions could be the things that prevent a horrible disaster in the future.

You should never underestimate just how dangerous fires can be. They start unexpectedly, grow at an alarming rate and ruin property and lives; never be too careful when it comes to fire safety. 

Myth: Fire Drills Don't Make A Difference. We've all experienced one of those times where we just wanted to get through the day, only to be faced with a tedious fire drill. At the moment, it might seem like an annoying stop to your day that's only wasting time. But you'll be happy you had practice if a fire ever actually broke out. 

Training people to safely and calmly get out of the building is a great way to prepare them for an actual disaster. It's natural to be afraid when a fire happens, but panicking will only worsen things and could make the damage more severe. 

Therefore, regularly helping your acquaintances, family and neighbours through a well-thought-out fire drill can genuinely make a difference. 

How To Make Sure Your Building Is As Prepared For A Fire As Possible

Fire compliance helps keep you and everything that's important to you safe. To ensure that your structure and the people within it are as safe as possible, we encourage you to contact us at Compliance Consultants. We will help you follow New Zealand's building laws and regulations so that your structure is entirely up to code.

Along with our fire protection compliance services, we are also happy to offer building warrant of fitness services and other things that'll make your life as a building owner easier and safer. If you have questions that you'd like to ask us, please call 0800 325 435.

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