Make Sure Any Planned Event Is Safe From The Threat Of Fire

No matter how safe or precautious you are, there is always the chance that unfortunate and dangerous events can happen. One big problem with fire accidents is that they are just that - accidents. They’re hard to stop once they happen, and they can leave massive trails of destruction in their wakes. So, this is why it is so incredibly crucial to follow fire compliance steps and make sure your building, and everyone in it, is as safe as they can be.

We all know that fires can happen but rarely do we think that a fire will happen to us or our building. It’s often the case that people don’t think about the damage that fire can cause until their own building goes up in flames. If you want to prevent a horrible accident, then one of the best steps you can take is to speak with our team at Compliance Consultants to make sure your building is safe and up to code.

Fire Compliance

So, how can you stay as safe as possible and prevent any potential fire outbreaks?

Why Fire Safety Is So Crucial

Many people think that as long as they’re safe around open flames and don’t leave appliances like ovens on unsupervised, they will never encounter an outbreak of fire - but this line of thought is wrong. While you should always be safe around a fire when you can, accidents do happen, and the most intelligent way to deal with these accidents is to know all about fire compliance rules and prevent them before they happen.

Even if your building was built well with fire safety in mind, it’s still very important to regularly inspect your building to make sure that it is still safe and up to New Zealand’s current fire safety codes. Knowledge and rules can always change as research continues, so it’s vital that you always stay on top of important details like these as a responsible building owner.

Fires cause much more damage more quickly than most people realise. In fact, in some cases, a small, manageable fire only needs a mere thirty seconds to spread and grow into something incredibly dangerous and hard to work with. Not only can a fire damage property and bring entire buildings down, but they can also take lives - all within the matter of a few short minutes.

Therefore, staying safe, keeping your building up to code and following fire compliance rules are all paramount to preventing accidents and keeping everyone safe.

How We Can Help You Stay Safe And Prevent Fires

So, clearly, staying safe and lowering the chance of accidents is paramount; but, how can you make sure you and your building are safe? If you want to smartly make sure that your building is following regulations, our skilled team here at Compliance Consultants is here to offer you many helpful fire protection services.

We are proud to provide New Zealand building owners with the following beneficial services:

  • Acceptable Solutions To Any Issues That Your Building Has
  • Fire Engineering Reports
  • Technical Specific Design
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Regulatory Peer Review 
  • NZ Building Act GAP Analysis
  • Liaison With Territorial Authorities

What You Should Do About Fire Evacuation Schemes

If a fire ever does break out, it’s absolutely vital that you have an evacuation plan for anyone and everyone who is in the building when the fire emergency occurs. 

In fact, according to the fire compliance code, your building requires an evacuation scheme if you meet any of the following specified criteria:

  • One hundred or more people gather together in your building.
  • Your building is a place of employment for ten or more people.
  • Your building provides accommodation for six or more people unless there are only three or fewer individual accommodation units.
  • You store any amount of dangerous chemicals above the legally prescribed minimum amounts.
  • Your building is the location for an early childhood education centre or a daycare unless it is a single household building.
  • A senior or disabled nursing facility, unless it is a single household building.
  • Your building is used to house prisoners.

How You Can Take Your Next Step Into Fire Safety

Do you want to make sure your building is as safe as it can be? Here at Compliance Consultants, we can help you prevent possible disasters and protect your building and everyone in it. Fire compliance is no small matter, and we are prepared to help you in every way we can. 

If you would like to make sure your building is following New Zealand’s fire safety regulations or if you have any questions about the above-listed services and criteria, please do not hesitate to contact our team at 0800 325 435 for more information. We understand that reading through and understanding all of these details and trying to follow them can be challenging, and we’d be thrilled to help you out!

So stay safe and prevent fires with help from our experienced team at Compliance Consultants!