What Happens If You Don’t Get A Building Warrant?

Owning your building can be a great source of business and income. Whether you rent out your space or use it for your business, ensuring that all of your building’s vital paperwork is in check is crucial to being a building owner. One critical piece of paperwork that you should be in the know about is the building warrant of fitness. 

If you are a New Zealand business owner, chances are you have heard of this document before and should have one currently in your building. If you would like to know more about it or simply do some additional research to confirm your knowledge, keep reading to learn more.

What Is A Building Warrant Of Fitness And What Does It Do?

warrant of fitness

To put it simply, this warrant is an annual statement filed by the building owner confirming that particular systems in the compliance schedule for their specific building have been managed and maintained correctly for the past twelve months. 

Issuing a building warrant of fitness is solely the building owner’s responsibility and must be submitted by them on an annual date. Although, a building owner does not need to undertake this responsibility completely alone. At Compliance Consultants, we offer a variety of services, including conducting inspections to assure that your building warrant requirements are adequately met.

A building owner or someone filing documents on the building owner’s behalf can provide a form 12A certificate to support the building warrant. This is a certificate issued by a qualified person to confirm that inspections of specified systems have occurred and that proper maintenance has taken place in accordance with the compliance schedule.

What Is A Compliance Schedule?

As you can tell, a compliance schedule is essential when it comes to obtaining a building warrant of fitness. A warrant must adhere to a compliance schedule’s regulations, so what exactly is this schedule?

A compliance schedule is a list of specified systems in a building and the particular methods required to keep these systems in proper working order. When these systems are adequately taken care of and all features are working correctly, it assures that your building is safe to enter, live and work in. 

A ‘specified system’ is defined as a system that is contained or attached to the building in question, contributed to the functionality of the building and is declared by the governor-general to be a specified system. This can include sprinkler systems, emergency lighting systems, features that move people from one part of the building to another, smoke control systems and more. 

If you fail to get a compliance schedule, you can be fined 20,000 New Zealand dollars, and you could also be fined an additional 2,000 New Zealand Dollars for every day that you do not have one.

Why Do I Need A Building Warrant?

A building warrant of fitness can be crucial when it comes to assuring that a building is being properly taken care of. When a building is adorned with a warrant, people who enter and traverse the building can have peace of mind knowing that the area has been inspected and is working as it should. 

If a system fails due to poor maintenance, people could suffer injuries that could have been prevented. In addition, people who get injured could suffer, depending on the extent of their injuries, and could take legal action against the building owner who neglected to take proper care of their establishment.

What Happens If I Fail To Have A Building Warrant Of Fitness?

If you fail to issue a building warrant of fitness adequately, you will suffer from some consequences. For example, if there is no up-to-date building warrant prominently displayed in your building, you may be issued a fine of up to 20,000 New Zealand dollars. This will also apply if you show a falsified document.

Additionally, if your building warrant is already expired and you have not updated it in time, you may be prosecuted. 

If you do not obtain a building warrant, you will be in hot water. Therefore, it is best to get all of your documentation correctly filled out and taken care of in a timely manner. In addition, if you currently have a warrant that is about to expire, you should look into getting it renewed sooner rather than later.

Want To Speak To Professionals For More Information?

When dealing with any kind of documentation for your property, keeping track of all the little details can be very troublesome. So if you would like some help issuing your building warrant of fitness, whether that’s understanding the reasons for the warrant or having inspections done on your specified systems, look no further than Compliance Consultants!

Compliance Consultants have years of experience working with building owners in regards to building warrants. If you are a building owner who would like assistance with your building warrant, please do not hesitate to contact us at 0800 325 435 to speak to a professional.