Building Compliance Inspection Services

Compliance Consultants is a provider of services working with total dedication towards the complete provision of building compliance inspection services across the country. Our trained inspectors offer diverse inspection and testing services that will help you meet your Building Warrant of Fitness requirements and that all those who use your buildings are safe.

Our testing, inspection and certification inspections encompass a multitude of procedures designed to make sure that every necessary aspect of your building and any specialized systems within it are compliant with current Building Warrant of Fitness standards.

We remain completely independent from providers of maintenance, repair and installation providers and simply focus on the compliance and overall safety of your building.

Compliance Consultants Building Inspection Report

Building Compliance Inspection Services We have a team comprised of multiple skill sets, backgrounds and experiences. From IQPs and Account Managers to more specified staff such as our in-house Fire Engineer. Our diverse group of consultants and the team that backs them is rich with real-world experience, familiar with the intricacies, complications and workable solutions that are all commonplace within the world of building compliance.

We know that no two buildings are exactly alike, and we are aware of the multitudinous factors that influence and contribute towards a building’s success or failure during an inspection or council audit. Thanks to our wide range of services offered, we can help you understand and achieve every aspect of compliance relevant to your building/s, and then offer you the relevant option from our wide range of building compliance inspection services.

Services offered

Building Warrant of Fitness:

  • Building Warrant of Fitness issuance
  • Monthly (Owners) Inspections
  • Annual IQP Inspections
  • Systems Testing and Surveys
  • Compliance and 12A administration

Fire Design:

These services are aimed at giving you the highest possible level of protection from fire related damage - whether the industrial requirements of your building involve working with fire, or you just want the best technology available to ensure the safety of your employees and guests, our fire design services will make sure your building and its contents are as fire-retardant as possible. We will do the utmost in our endeavors to provide you with -

  • Acceptable solutions
  • Fire Engineering Reports
  • Technical specific design
  • Construction monitoring
  • Regulatory peer review
  • NZ Building Act GAP analysis
  • Liaison with Territorial Authorities

Consultancy Services:

The bread and butter of our company, our consultancy services aim to deliver you intelligent and cost effective solutions to problems ranging from general building warrant of fitness compliance schedule issues to inspecting and reporting on any manner of specified systems within your building. Our full range of consultancy services are -

  • Commercial Building Consents
  • Form 11 Compliance Amendments
  • Building Inspections
  • Specified System Audits
  • Specified Systems Reports

Project Management:

Our experience in the consulting industry has led us to branch out into the broader arena of project management. As well as giving you great management possibilities and solutions, this widening of scope allows us to gather more in-depth knowledge of your business and therefore improve both our consulting and our management with one broad stroke. To ease the burden of management and let us learn more about your business as a whole, let us offer you -

  • Subcontractor management
  • Remedial works management
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Site management
  • Solution reviews and proposing alternative solutions
  • As-built reviews

Specified systems

Compliance Consultants What are specified systems, and how does this relate to compliance consulting? Specified systems are defined as any element of the building’s infrastructure that has the potential to cause injury or death to those within said building, if the system fails in some way.

These systems are designed with the safety of your building’s occupants in mind, so their continual maintenance is of the highest priority, not merely for the legal implications of causing harm to those inside your building, but for yours & your employees, guests and visitors’ overall productivity and peace of mind. As a building owner, the responsibility falls entirely on you to insure against the failure of these systems, and to ensure that they continue to perform as was originally intended on the initial date of installation.

Building compliance inspection services may be necessary for your building if it has within it any of the following systems, specified by law in the Building Act 2004 -

  • Any kind of system put in place for the suppression of fires (such as sprinkler setups)
  • Any kind of warning system, whether manual or automatic, that warns about any sort of danger (including fires) except for any systems that are set up for, and specifically serve, only one household unit
  • Automated doors or windows (including those operated by electromagnetism)(i.e. Doors that are linked to the activation of fire alarms and close upon confirmation of a fire)
  • Any sort of system of emergency lighting
  • Escape route pressurisation systems.
  • Riser mains for use by fire services.
  • Any kind of method of prevention of backflow, including automated systems, connected to potable water supplies
  • Travelators, lifts, escalators, or any other conceivable iteration of solutions or systems designed specifically to move goods and people throughout your building
  • Systems of air conditioning or other kinds of artificial ventilation
  • Units designed for building maintenance that also provide access to exterior and interior walls of buildings.
  • Any kind of fume cupboard such as those found in standard laboratories
  • Listening systems designed for assistive purposes, such as audio loops
  • Systems in place for the control of smoke (in event of a fire)

For an even more comprehensive set, as well as more detailed descriptions of the laws as relating to the Building Act 2004, visit the New Zealand government’s informative building regulation website.

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If your building contains any of the above specified systems, or any not mentioned here that are outlined in the laws of this country, you will need a compliance schedule. Who better to give you top quality building compliance inspection services than us at Compliance Consultants? Give us a call at 0800 325 435 or email us at for any questions or queries you may have - we know it is a lot of information to digest and are here to help.